Nationality: Italian

Engine: 2.2 Liter, 134.3 cu in V6, turbocharged


Power: 700 hp (690.42 bhp) (522 kw)

Fuel Capacity: 68.71 liters (18.5 gallons)

Weight: 726 kg (1600 lbs)

Top Speed: 241 mph (388 kmh) 

0-60 mph (0-100 kmh) in 3.5 seconds

Price: Free for Dallara DW12

Difficulty: Clubman 

Type: IndyCar

Year: 2014

Configuration: Rear-Engine RWD

Bio: Full of power and passion, the Dallara  DW12 is Italy’s finest in IndyCar racing. Its 700 hp V6 turbocharged engine and its aerodynamics give the car insane grip. Named after Dan Wheldon, It has a carbon fiber monocoque chassis with a double A-arm pushrod suspension. This gives the car flexibility and makes it easily adjustable to suit to any track on the schedule. Using an Xtrac 1011 6 speed semi-automatic transmission and a Braille MLT7Ti Battery for extra oomph, this Dallara DW12 has the muscle of a NASCAR Gen 6 cup car with no fenders and less weight overall that counts for its high top speed. 

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