Nationality: American

Engine: Chevrolet Pushrod 358 Cubic Inch V8

Power: 875 hp (863.03 bhp) (643.60 kw)

Fuel Capacity: 70.80 liters (18.7 gallons)


Weight: 1497 kg (3300 lbs)

Top Speed: 210 mph (338 kmh) 

0-60 mph (0-100 kmh) in 2.9 seconds

Price: $2.95 USD for NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Fusion - 2016

Difficulty: Pro


Type: Oval Racer

Year: 2016

Configuration: Front-Engine RWD

Bio: A monster Ford ready for the track, this Fusion car is ready to take on both Camry and SS models on the NASCAR circuit. One of the Chevy SS competitors and the Ford Fusion and its Chevy Pushrod 358 Cubic Inch V8 give it the same 3300 lbs and 2.9 0-60 acceleration time as its Chevy SS rival. Drivers like the Ford Fusion much as the Chevy SS drivers like theirs.  

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