Nationality: American

Engine: OEM Cast-Iron Block 90 Degree V

Power: 625 hp (616.45 bhp) (459.70 kw)

Fuel Capacity: 68.71 liters (18.5 gallons)

Weight: 1565 kg (3450 lbs)


Top Speed: 195 mph (314 kmh) 

0-60 mph (0-100 kmh) in 4.0 seconds

Price: Free for NASCAR Truck Series Silverado - 2008

Difficulty: Rookie

Year: 2008


Type: Oval Racer

Configuration: Front-Engine RWD

Bio: A monster truck for its time, the 2008 Chevy Silverado can still fight against NASCAR’s current Chevy Silverado model of today. It may be a tad slower but can still shine. While using a OEM Cast-Iron Block 90 Degree V as its engine and weight of 3450 lbs with a 18.5 gallon fuel tank, this older NASCAR Truck can still be a true fighting force come raceday. The 0-60 acceleration time of 4.0 seconds is still on par with NASCAR trucks today though the new NASCAR trucks support advancements in safety, aerodynamics, drafting, fuel efficiency, and much more.