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Africa / South Africa Club[edit | edit source]

The Africa / South Africa Club features drivers and content only from the continent of Africa. Some of their drivers include Wayne O'Neill, Luc Lucchesi, Leon van Wyk and many more. For content, Africa is certainly lacking in both racecars and racetracks but could change in the future as time goes by. In terms of how South Africa and other African countries are doing, they seem to be doing alright and more are starting to get in on the sim-racing boom. Since the Africa / South Africa Club is one of the newest clubs on the block, time will tell if this club becomes a great club addition to iRacing or not.

Club Capital: Johannesburg, South Africa

Club Leader: Bill Wortley

Population: 1.3 Billion

iRacers: 1,041

iRacing World Cup Qualifications: 0

iRacing World Cup Championships: 0

Africa / South Africa Club Map[edit | edit source]


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