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Capital: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Population: 45.6 Million

iRacers: 4,939

Continent: South America

Official Languages: Spanish, Guaraní, Qom, Mocoví, Wichí 

Area: 1,073,500 sq mi (2,780,400 km2)

Currency: Argentinian Peso

Time Zone: UTC-3

Driving Side: Right

Cars: 0

Tracks: 0

Bio: Argentina and its 4,939 iRacing army is starting to make a big impact in the iRacing world. With 45 million people, this nation and racing is starting to become quite well-known to the populace as a whole. Not many people have visited Argentina but when the day comes for an Argentinian track to come to iRacing, visiting will only be a button click away.

Missing Manufacturers:[]

  1. Hispano-Argentina
  2. Zanella

Previous Flags:[]

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Flag of Argentina (1818).svg.png
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Flag of Argentina 1812 - 1818 Flag of Argentina 1819 - 1820 Flag of Argentina 1821 - 1829,

1862 - Present

1280px-Flag of Liga Federal.svg.png
1280px-Flag of Argentina (1840).svg.png
1280px-Flag of the Argentine Confederation.svg.png
Flag of Argentina 1830 - 1835 Flag of Argentina 1836 - 1850 Flag of Argentina 1851 - 1861

iRacing Argentina Regions:[]

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