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Asia Club[]

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The Asia Club is part of the iRacing International Region that features drivers only from the continent of Asia. Some of their drivers include Calix Poon, Jamal Ghandour, Markus Lendermann, Cem Bolukbasi, Efkan Birkiye, Ayhancan Güven, Ed Jones, and many more drivers from Malaysia, Singapore, China, South Korea, Thailand, India, United Arab Emirates, and many others. For content, the Asia Club doesn't feature any content anymore since Japan split off from the Asia Club to form its own club but more Asian content outside Japan may come in the future.

Club Capital: Seoul, South Korea

Club Leader: Markus Lendermann

Population: 4.6 Billion

iRacers: 8,034

iRacing World Cup Qualifications: 5 (2012 - 2015, 2018)

iRacing World Cup Championships: 0

Asia Club Map[]