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Capital: Vienna, Austria

Native Name: Österreich

Population: 9 Million

iRacers: 1,842
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Continent: Europe

Official Languages: German, Hungarian, Slovene, Burgenland, Croatian

Former Names: Austria-Hungary (1867 - 1918)

Area: 32,386 sq mi (83,879 km2)

Currency: Euro

Time Zone: UTC+1

Driving Side: Right

Cars: 0

Tracks: 0

Bio: Tucked on the edge of the Alps, Austria and its 1,842 iRacer army has starting to become quite the impact in the iRacing community. Even though none of its racetracks are in the sim yet, hopefully they come soon. Nearly 9 million people and beautiful scenery, Austria is a lovely country no one can truly deny.

Previous Flags: Edit

1280px-Flag of Austria.svg
1280px-Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy.svg
Flag of Austria 1230 - 1699

1919 - 1933, 1976 - Present

Flag of Austria 1700 - 1866 Flag of Austria-Hungary 1867 - 1918
61ziMb+IxTL. AC SX450
Flag of Austria 1934 - 1975

iRacing Austria Regions Edit

Austria iRacing Regions
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