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Capital: Brasilia, Brazil

Nicknames: The Land of the Palms, The Coffee Pot of the World

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Population: 214.1 Million

iRacers: 5,856

Continent: South America

Official Languages: Portuguese

Area: 3,287,956 sq mi (8,515,767 km2)

Currency: Brazilian Real

Time Zone: UTC-2 to UTC-5

Driving Side: Right

Cars: 0

Tracks: 1

Bio: Featuring over 200 million people and 5,856 iRacers, Brazil is the undisputed king of iRacing's South America community. While it and Argentina have quite the battle out on the racetrack to this day, Brazil and its one racetrack in the sim make it all the more unique. With lush scenery all around and lovely weather, Brazil is still a popular tourist and motorsport destination spot.

Missing Manufacturers:[]

  1. Copersucar
  2. Lobini
  3. Metalmoro

iRacing Brazil Regions:[]

Brazil iRacing Regions.jpg

Previous Flags:[]

1920px-Flag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg.png
1280px-Flag of Brazil (1889–1960).svg.png
1280px-Flag of Brazil (1960–1968).svg.png
Flag of Brazil 1822 - 1888 Flag of Brazil 1889 - 1960 Flag of Brazil 1961 - 1968
1280px-Flag of Brazil (1968–1992).svg.png
Flag of Brazil 1969 - 1992

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