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Capital: Sofia, Bulgaria

Native Name: Bǎlgariya

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Population: 6.9 Million

iRacers: 146

Continent: Europe

Official Languages: Bulgarian

Area: 42,855 sq mi (110,994 km2)

Currency: Bulgarian Lev

Time Zone: UTC+2 to UTC+3

Driving Side: Right

Cars: 0

Tracks: 0

Bio: Bulgaria and its 146 iRacers have started to cause a bit of a stir in the sim-racing community. Having their own sim-racing hardware company, the country is really starting to embrace sim-racing along with some of its other neighbors like Romania and Greece. Still a relatively flat country with some hills here and there, this nation and population of just under 7 million people still represent an interesting area of interest to sim-racing and real racing alike.

Previous Flags:[edit | edit source]

1920px-Flag of Bulgaria.svg.png
1920px-Flag of Bulgaria (1946-1948).svg.png
1920px-Flag of Bulgaria (1948-1967).svg.png
Flag of Bulgaria 1878 - 1945,

1991 - Present

Flag of Bulgaria 1946 - 1948 Flag of Bulgaria 1949 - 1967
1920px-Flag of Bulgaria (1967-1971).svg.png
1920px-Flag of Bulgaria (1971 – 1990).svg.png
Flag of Bulgaria 1968 - 1971 Flag of Bulgaria 1972 - 1990
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