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Capitals: Santiago, Chile and Valparaíso, Chile

Nickname: The Land of Poets

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Population: 19.2 Million

iRacers: 1,056

Continent: South America

Official Languages: Spanish

Area: 291,930.4 sq mi (756,096.3 km2)

Currency: Chilean Peso

Time Zone: UTC-5 to UTC-3

Driving Side: Right

Cars: 0

Tracks: 0

Bio: The longest ocean corridor in the world, Chile and its 1,056 iRacer army still live on today. With 19 million people, Chile is by no means one of South America's newest upcoming racing nations. People still flock to Chile time after time to experience this breathtaking country. Its neighbor with Argentina might end up with squabbles but always find time to become friends again... until they meet on the track that is.

Previous Flags:[]

1280px-Flag of Chile (1812-1814).svg.png
1280px-Flag of Chile (1817-1818).svg.png
Flag of Chile 1812 - 1814 Flag of Chile 1815 - 1818

iRacing Chile Regions[]

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