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Capital: Beijing, China

Native Name: Zhōngguó

Nicknames: The Red Dragon, The Celestial Empire

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Population: 1.4 Billion

iRacers: 243

Continent: Asia

Official Languages: Standard Chinese, Mongolian, Uyghur, Tibetan, Zhuang

Area: 3,705,407 sq mi (9,596,961 km2)

Currency: Chinese Renminbi

Time Zone: UTC+8

Driving Side: Right

Territories: 3

Cars: 0

Tracks: 0

Bio: The most populous country in the world, China and its 243 iRacers might be small compared to its 1.4 billion population but may blossom to thousands as the years roll by. Featuring lots of tradition, culture, and plenty more, this nation does feature a good list of racetracks that may come to iRacing one day. China may be small on iRacers but one day may be big on numbers. Its day will come but time itself will strike the gong when it happens.

Missing Manufacturers:[edit | edit source]

  1. Besturn
  2. BYD
  3. Changan
  4. Chery
  5. Geely
  6. Hongqi
  7. JAC
  8. Junpai
  9. Lifan
  10. Lynk & Co
  11. NIO
  12. Qoros
  13. Roewe
  14. Tianjin
  15. Zotye

Previous Flags:[edit | edit source]

1280px-Flag of China (1889–1912).svg.png
1920px-Flag of China (1912–1928).svg.png
1280px-Flag of the Republic of China.svg.png
Flag of China 1889 - 1911 Flag of China 1912 - 1928 Flag of China 1929 - 1949

Now used as the flag of

Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)

iRacing China Regions[edit | edit source]

China iRacing Regions-0.png

Links to Territories:[edit | edit source]

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