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•Capital: Denver, Colorado, United States

Population: 5.9 Million

Symbols: Western tiger salamander, Lark bunting, Claret cup cactus, Greenback cutthroat trout, Rocky Mountain columbine, Blue grama grass, Colorado Hairstreak, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, Colorado shelter pets, Western painted turtle, Colorado blue spruce

Nickname: The Centennial State

•Total Amount Of Manufacturers: 1

•Total Amount Of Cars: 2

•Car Horsepower Range: 135 hp to 241 hp

•Price Range: Free

•Cars That Come With Base Subscription: 2

•Car Types Involved: Prototypes, Sports Cars

•Fastest Car: Spec Racer Ford MKII

•Slowest Car: Spec Racer Ford

•Car Configurations: Mid-Engine RWD

Bio: SCCA Enterprises and their Spec Racer Ford cars are home to the mountain state of Colorado. With only one manufacturer around, this state is still showing a keen interest to stay in the racing motorsport game. 

Links to Cars:[edit | edit source]

Total: 2 Cars

Links to Manufacturers:[edit | edit source]

Total: 1 Manufacturer

Missing Tracks:[edit | edit source]

  • Aspen Motorsports Park
  • Colorado Motor Sports Park
  • Colorado National Speedway
  • El Paso County Raceway
  • Grand Junction Motor Speedway
  • High Plains Raceway
  • Honor Speedway
  • I-25 Speedway
  • I-76 Speedway
  • Lamar Speedway
  • Montezuma County Fairgrounds Speedway
  • Phillips County Raceway
  • Pikes Peak International Raceway
  • Pueblo Speedway
  • VMX Speedway

Total: 15 Tracks

Previous Flags:[edit | edit source]

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1280px-Flag of Colorado (1911–1964).svg.png
Flag of Colorado 1907 - 1910 Flag of Colorado 1911 - 1964
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