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•Capital: Dover, Delaware, United States

Population: 994.7 Thousand

Symbols: Blue Hen Chicken, Ladybug, Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, Golden Retriever, Weakfish, Peach Blossom, Sweet Goldenrod, Stonefly, Horseshoe Crab, Sillimanite, American Holly, Grey Fox

Nicknames: The Diamond State, The Blue Hen State, The Small Wonder, The First State

•Total Amount Of Tracks: 1

•Track Length Range: 1.0 Miles (1.60 km)

•Price Range: $11.95

•Tracks That Come With Base Subscription: 0

•Track Types Involved: Ovals

•Longest Track: Dover International Speedway

•Shortest Track: Dover International Speedway

•Track Configurations: 1

Total Configurations: 1 

Bio: Even though it has only one racetrack, Delaware is still a nice, small state to visit. With its flagship racetrack, the Dover International Speedway, Delaware is home to Monster Action at its Monster Mile racetrack. 

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Missing Tracks:[edit | edit source]

  • Delaware International Speedway
  • Georgetown Speedway
  • Middleford Speedway
  • US 13 Dragway & Speedway

Combined Total: 5 Tracks

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