Nationality: American

Engine: Aluminum 4.6 Liter V8

Power: 329.51 hp (325 bhp) (242.40 kw)


Fuel Capacity: 58.30 liters (15.4 gallons)

Weight: 1632.93 kg (3600 lbs)

Top Speed: 154 mph (248 kmh) 

0-60 mph (0-100 kmh) in 4.3 seconds

Price: $11.95 for Mustang FR500S

Difficulty: Novice

Year: 2010

Type: GT and Prototype Racer

Configuration: Front-Engine RWD

Bio: A 330 horsepower Mustang FR500S gives road racing a whole new meaning to Ford. Its top speed of 153 mph makes it easy to control. Based on the Mustang FR500 road going variant, the S model of the Mustang FR500 was designed by Ford Racing and Miller Motorsports for the Ford Racing Mustang Challenge series. It features aerodynamic parts like any other Mustang but with DOT approved racing BF Goodrich g-Force R1 tires for good grip, good handling, and improved stability. Now homologated for the SCCA World Challenge GTS Class, this car has been a great tool in the Ford Racing lineup where ever it goes to.