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Capital: Paris, France

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Population: 65.1 Million

iRacers: 5,742

Continent: Europe

Official Languages: French

Area: 247,368 sq mi (640,679 km2)

Currency: Euro

Time Zone: UTC+1 to UTC+2

Driving Side: Right

Cars: 2

Tracks: 1

Bio: A nation that features 2 cars and 1 track in iRacing, France is one of the most successful sim-racing and motorsport nations in the world. With over 5,700 iRacers and a populace of just over 65 million, France is a true star. Many real-world racing series come to France like Formula 1 and the FIA WEC for their 24 hours of Le Mans to experience fantastic automotive action. Of all the countries in the world, France remains as one of the greatest racing nations both in the real world and in sim-racing games.

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