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Great Plains Club[]

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The Great Plains Club of the iRacing USA Clubs primarily focuses on the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. While space is vast, it is also home to a plethora of drivers. Very little track and no car content is found in this club but the drivers know that the competition is fierce and that's what keeps them going. Todays Great Plains drivers include Nathan Lyon, Caine Cook, Dillon Raffurty, Anthony Burroughs, Will Norton, and plenty more. The Great Plains Club is also one of iRacing's more well-known clubs and the attention it receives is starting to grow with each passing week and also with each passing month.

Club Capital: Kansas City, Missouri

Club Leader: Caine Cook

Population: 16.6 Million

iRacers: 10,387

iRacing World Cup Qualifications: 1 (2009)

iRacing World Cup Championships: 0

Great Plains Club Map[]