This area consists of the former nations that once existed in the past but are now part of today's UN member states. This area of the iRacing wiki is primarily a history gallery to see how today's countries got formed. There will be two sections that will make up this page: the BC/BCE era countries and the AD/CE era countries. The BC/BCE era countries will only consist of only a handful of nations since nations prior to 1 AD/CE primarily didn't have flags unlike the AD/CE era where flags were more common. The only countries from both eras that will be listed here will be countries that had flags during their existence.

The BC/BCE era countries will have nations from 4th century BC/BCE to the end of the 14th century AD/CE. (500 BC/BCE to 1300 AD/CE)

Both the BC/BCE era and the AD/CE era are connected with each other. This will create overlapping but only for overlapping sake.

The AD/CE era countries will have nations from the 1st century AD/CE to the 20th century AD/CE. (1 AD/CE to 2011 AD/CE)

AD/CE Era Countries[]

BC/BCE Era Countries[]