This Global Map shows the amount of locations on Earth that have at least one iRacer.

Population: 7.8 Billion

iRacers: 417,481

Blue locations have iRacers, Gray (Grey) locations don't have iRacers.

Total Countries: 193 / 193 (100%)

Total Non-Countries: 58 / 58 (100%)

Combined Total: 251 / 251 (100%)

Note: This map is not interactive. To head to the nations and non-nations that have iRacers, there are links below sorted by alphabetical order or you can head to the continent global maps at the bottom of this page where they are links to locations that have iRacers.

Note: If you like it done by continental order then head to these pages:

This link will take you to the top 57 iRacing Nations:

This link will take you to the top 22 iRacing Non-Nations:

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iRacing Global Map by Continents: