iRacing Motorsport Terms and APCO 10 Codes[]

Note: The terms in this list are in alphabetical letter order. There is a combined total of 292 terms with no X terms. This also contains the APCO 10 codes which are commonly used in service and transportation use can also be used in sim-racing albeit not all of them.

APCO 10 Codes: 25 Codes

A Terms: 12 Terms

B Terms: 22 Terms

C Terms: 16 Terms

D Terms: 16 Terms

E Terms: 8 Terms

F Terms: 13 Terms

G Terms: 12 Terms

H Terms: 14 Terms

I Terms: 13 Terms

J Terms: 3 Terms

K Terms: 5 Terms

L Terms: 8 Terms

M Terms: 12 Terms

N Terms: 6 Terms

O Terms: 11 Terms

P Terms: 18 Terms

Q Terms: 2 Terms

R Terms: 18 Terms

S Terms: 43 Terms

T Terms: 14 Terms

U Terms: 5 Terms

V Terms: 5 Terms

W Terms: 12 Terms

Y Terms: 3 Terms

Z Terms: 1 Term

APCO 10 Codes[]

A Terms[]

B Terms[]

C Terms[]

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E Terms[]

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G Terms[]

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