iRacing Progression[]

The iRacing Progression is the standard series progression through the iRacing License Levels. The iRacing License Levels are Rookie, D, C, B, A, Pro, and Pro/WC. Note: Once you are out of the rookie license in any license progression area, you can never go back to the rookie license.

Also, you can progress your iRacing license via Time Trials (against the clock) or in Races. Other modes include Qualify (for starting grid position), Practice (preparing for the race with other drivers), Test (learning the track by yourself), and Time Attack (similar to Time Trials but doesn't affect safety rating).

Please Note that Time Trials can only bring your iRacing License up to the A Class. If you are after the Pro Licenses (Pro and Pro/WC), you will have to participate in races.

Types of Racing Include: NASCAR, Indycar, F1, LMP1, LMP2, GT3, GTE, Formula Vee, Formula 2, V8 Supercars, Dirt Oval, Formula 3, TCR, GT4, Rallycross, and Offroad.

Note: Primary is 1st, Secondary is 2nd, Tertiary is 3rd, Quaternary is 4th,Quinary is 5th, Senary is 6th, and Septenary is 7th.

Multiclass Colors:

Primary Class: Yellow

Secondary Class: Blue

Tertiary Class: Pink

Quaternary Class: Purple

Quinary Class: Green

Senary Class: Brown

Septenary Class: White

iRacing License Progression[]