iRacing Update[]

The iRacing Update indicator tells you if your sim is up to date, has available updates, required updates, or system not in service.

iRacing Update Indicators[]


The iRacing update indicators on the right-hand side here show if the sim on your end needs required updates, has available updates, up to date, or service not in use.


Updates Required: This means the sim needs these updates in order to allow you to carry on with your regular day-to-day iRacing activities. When this is shown on your screen, you are not going to be able to join any sessions whether the sessions are test, time trial, time attack, practice, qualify, or race sessions.


Updates Available: This means the sim has these updates ready for you to download but they do not restrict you from entering any iRacing sessions.

iRacing Up To Date: This simply means the sim on your end is up to date with the most recent updates added to the service.

Service Not In Use: This means that the sim on your end is not on your computer and if it is, make sure to get any iRacing support help from the iRacing people itself or any members that have experienced the problems that you are now encountering. Sometimes to fix the issue is a simple restart of your computer but other times does require you to uninstall and reinstall the sim. Other times it requires clearing and cleaning of your browser cache and history. Though if you do decide to uninstall and reinstall the sim, you will have to re-download all content, both cars and tracks, that you have purchased which can range from a few minutes to several hours depending on your internet connection.

Other iRacing Update Indicators[]


These other iRacing update indicators refer to the content and other features of the iRacing sim. As you can see, they are split between Optional, Required, Requested, and Additional. Note: You can take a look at this at any time by going to your content update manager.

Optional: This contains any content and features where the user might own these packages but the updates may be required for participating in a multi-class session. These are not necessary to download and install but it is best to do so to make sure you are always up to date. These optional updates also contain certain extra files that are needed for any iRacing future update.

Required: This contains any content and features where the following system packages are required and will be included in the update. If you do not download and install any required updates, you will not be able to enter into any iRacing sessions which contain test, time attack, time trial, practice, qualify, and race sessions.

Requested: This contains any content and features that you own that only contain the content and features that you have, not any content or features that you don't have. If you don't have such content or features, they will then end up in the optional section of the update.

Additional: This contains any content and features that are not needed for the update, same for optional, but do provide extra mechanics and functions for some particular updates that may end up being required or requested.