This page features iRacing World Records on all of the tracks that are present in iRacing. Only the main grand prix configuration and some endurance, rallycross, and past grand prix configurations will be featured here too but not all laps as only the fastest single lap will be shown for the world record. Each of the world records will be sorted by country in alphabetical sense and each will have their own page so that all world records can be present. Lap times that only count will be race lap times.

The Country World Record Table below shows the total number of world records that particular nation has and is sorted by total world record numbers not by nation name alphabetically. It also shows the percentage out of the total world records held by that nation.

Note: Hungary World Records will not have a page link until times get posted on the iRacing member site. Also, fantasy will be counted separate from their respective nations. Tech tracks do not have a world record page link as they are not raceable and are not fully completed courses. The only tech track in iRacing is New Jersey Motorsport Park. Same goes for Centripetal Circuit while not a tech track, it is mainly used for testing purposes.

Country World Record Table[]

Rank: Nation: Total World Records: Percentage:
1. United States 67 44.6%
2. Australia 14 9.4%
3. Finland 13 8.7%
4. United Kingdom 9 6.0%
5. Germany 8 5.4%
6. France 6 4.3%
7. Italy 5 3.4%
8. Canada 4 2.7%
9. Netherlands 4 2.7%
10. Norway 3 2.0%
11. Brazil 3 2.0%
12. Hungary 2 1.3%
13. Sweden 2 1.3%
14. Argentina 1 0.7%
15. Austria 1 0.7%
16. Croatia 1 0.7%
17. Denmark 1 0.7%
18. Ireland 1 0.7%
19. New Zealand 1 0.6%
20. Portugal 1 0.6%
21. Russia 1 0.6%
22. Spain 1 0.5%
23. Turkey 1 0.4%

Total Nations: 23

Total World Records: 150

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