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Capital: Reykjyavik, Iceland

Native Name: Island

Nickname: The Land of Fire and Ice

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Population: 343.9 Thousand

iRacers: 120

Continent: Europe

Official Languages: Icelandic 

Area: 39,682 sq mi (102,775 km2)

Currency: Icelandic Króna 

Time Zone: UTC+0

Driving Side: Right

Cars: 0

Tracks: 0

Bio: The coldest nation in all of sim-racing, Iceland and its 343 thousand people with 120 iRacers still resides today. Of all the nations in the world to have sim-racers, nobody would expect Iceland. Not even the slightest. While Iceland still has iRacers, it has now seen 100 iRacers and is definitely noticing it.

Previous Flags:[]

800px-Flag of Iceland (1918–1944).svg.png
Flag of Iceland 1918 - 1944