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•Capital: Boise, Idaho, United States

Population: 1.9 Million

Symbols: Idaho Giant Salamander, Mountain Bluebird, Cutthroat Trout, Syringa, Huckleberry, Star Garnet, Appaloosa, Monarch Butterfly, Peregrine Falcon, Western White Pine, Potato

Nickname: The Gem State

•Total Amount Of Manufacturers: 1

•Total Amount Of Cars: 2

•Car Horsepower Range: 557.63 hp

•Price Range: $11.95

•Cars That Come With Base Subscription: 0

•Car Types Involved: Open Wheel

•Fastest Car: Super Late Model

•Slowest Car: Super Late Model

Car Configurations: Front-Engine RWD

Bio: Idaho is a mountain state like no other and their Super Late Model racecars climb those mountains with little difficulty. Drivers love the cars as the manufacturer loves making them. 

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Total: 2 Cars

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Total: 1 Manufacturer

Missing Tracks:[]

  • Atomic Motor Raceway
  • Black Canyon Speedway
  • Freeze Out Hillclimb
  • Idaho Falls Raceway
  • Magic Valley Speedway
  • Meridian Speedway
  • Pocatello Speedway
  • Salmon Valley Speedway
  • Stateline Speedway ID

Total: 9 Tracks