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•Capital: Springfield, Illinois, United States

Population: 12.8 Million

Symbols: Eastern Tiger Salamander, White-tailed Deer, Northern Cardinal, Bluegill, Violet, Monarch Butterfly, Fluorite, Big Bluestem, Painted Turtle, White Oak

Nicknames: The Prairie State, Land of Lincoln

•Total Amount Of Tracks: 3

•Track Length Range: 0.28 Miles (0.451 km) to 1.60 Miles (2.574 km)

•Price Range: Free to $14.95

•Tracks That Come With Base Subscription: 0

•Track Types Involved: Ovals, Rovals, Dirt Ovals

•Longest Track: World Wide Technology Raceway at Gateway

•Shortest Track: Fairbury American Legion Speedway

•Track Configurations: 1 – 2

•Total Configurations: 4

Bio: From the southern hills to the flat lands to the north, Illinois still has a good amount of tough tracks to choose from. Even though they are all ovals, that does not mean competition in this state is a breeze to get by. 

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Missing Tracks:

  • Belle-Clair Speedway
  • Blackhawk Farms Raceway
  • Cerro Gordo Speedway
  • Charleston Speedway
  • Chicago Street Circuit
  • Clay County Speedway
  • Coles County Speedway
  • DuQuoin State Fairgrounds
  • Farmer City Raceway
  • Fayette County Speedway
  • Grundy County Speedway
  • Highland Speedway
  • Illinois State Fairgrounds
  • Jacksonville Speedway
  • Kankakee County Speedway
  • LaSalle Speedway
  • Lincoln Speedway
  • Macon Speedway
  • Peoria Speedway
  • Quad City Speedway
  • Quincy Raceway
  • Rockford Speedway
  • Southern Illinois Raceway
  • Spoon River Speedway
  • Sycamore Speedway
  • The Dirt Oval at Route 66
  • Tri-City Speedway
  • Wayne County Speedway

Combined Total: 31 Tracks

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Flag of Illinois 1915 - 1969
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