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Illinois Club[]

The Illinois Club is one of the plethora iRacing USA Clubs that are named after its namesake state. With the Illinois Club being one of them, they too have drivers to call their own. A few pieces of content do straddle within this club but their real stars are their drivers. Todays Illinois Club drivers include Chris Shearburn, Matt Bussa, Vinnie Sansone, Eddie Kerner, and easily a thousand more. This Illinois Club is starting to show promise within the past few years and are definitely trying to look like a tough contender against some clubs like the Great Plains Club, the Indiana Club, the Mid-West Club, and probably many more. Only time will tell if the Illinois Club will end up in success or failure.

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Club Capital: Springfield, Illinois

Club Leader: Chris Shearburn

Population: 12.6 Million

iRacers: 9,157

iRacing World Cup Qualifications: 1 (2012)

iRacing World Cup Championships: 0

Illinois Club Map[]