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Italia Club[]

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The Italia Club is one of iRacing's well-known clubs in the European Region and features drivers from Italy, Malta, San Marino, and the Vatican City (Holy See). Remarkable Italia Club drivers include Matteo Ugolotti, Simone Maria Marcenò, Tommaso Carlà, Enzo Bonito, Mario Bertolotti, and Moreno Sirica just to name a few. A handful of cars and tracks come from the Italia Club although speculation of more cars and tracks could be heading their way to the Italia Club in the not-so-distant future.

Club Capital: Milan, Italy

Club Leader: Enzo Bonito

Population: 60.8 Million

iRacers: 5,944

iRacing World Cup Qualifications: 6 (2013 - 2018)

iRacing World Cup Championships: 0

Italia Club Map[]