Flag of Jafarabad State 1650 AD/CE to 1948 AD/CE

Continent: Asia


Established: 1650 AD/CE

Disestablished: 1948 AD/CE


Jafarabad State was founded around 1650. On 6 December 1733 the ruler of Jafarabad State signed a defensive and offensive treaty with the British East India Company. In 1759, the Jafarabad and Janjira states entered into a personal union. Finally in 1834 Jafarabad State became a British protectorate.

Around 1731 when the Mughal Empire rule was relaxed in Gujarat, the local Thanedar (ruler) who was an ally in the Muslim Mughal garrison became independent. Thereafter the Thanedar and the local Kolis were devoted to piracy, repeatedly attacking ships and disturbing commercial traffic from Surat. Sidi Hilal, the prince of the dynasty of Janjira which was then ruling Surat, attacked the Kolis, destroyed their boats and captured them demanding a hefty fine. The Thanedar of Jafarabad could not afford to pay the fine and hence Jafarabad town was sold to Sidi Hilal in 1759.

Sidi Hilal soon realized that he could not keep the city given the situation of lawlessness in the Kathiawar peninsula and in 1762 he transferred Jafarabad to the Nawab of Janjira, who paid the debts and appointed him governor.

Under British protectorate the Nawabs of Janjira were considered separate second class rulers among the rulers of Kathiawar, but they were later promoted to first class. In the nineteenth century the rulers maintained a military force of 123 men. Jafarabad State acceded to the Indian Union on 8 March 1948.