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Capital: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Native Name: Lëtzebuerg

Nickname: The Grand Duchy

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Population: 638.8 Thousand

iRacers: 352

Continent: Europe

Official Languages: French, Luxembourgish, German 

Area: 998.6 sq mi (2,586.4 km2)

Currency: Euro 

Time Zone: UTC+1 to UTC+2

Driving Side: Right

Cars: 0

Tracks: 0

Bio: Luxembourg has become quite a thriving sim-racing nation and it really shows. With over 600 thousand people and 352 iRacers, the market for sim-racing in this landlocked nation has definitely grown significantly. Over the past few years, Luxembourg has went from a quiet sim-racing nation to maybe becoming a true powerhouse.

Previous Flags:[]

1920px-Flag of Luxembourg wide.svg.png
Flag of Luxembourg 1830 - 1993

iRacing Luxembourg Regions[]

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