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Capital: Malé, Maldives

Native Name: Dhivehi Raajje

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Population: 552.5 Thousand

iRacers: 13

Continent: Asia

Official Languages: Dhivehi, English  

Area: 115 sq mi (298 km2)

Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa

Time Zone: UTC+5

Driving Side: Left

Cars: 0

Tracks: 0

Bio: With just 552 thousand people and only 13 iRacers living on less than 120 square miles of land, the Maldives is a small island nation that still battles on. Even though the nation has never experienced sim-racing until quite recently, this country seems to be adapting to it quite well.

Flags Before Independence:[]

1280px-Flag of the Maldives until 1903.svg.png
1280px-Old National Flag of the Maldives.svg.png
1280px-Flag of the Maldives 1953.svg.png
Flag of Maldives 1903 - 1925 Flag of Maldives 1926 - 1953 Flag of Maldives 1954 - 1965