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•Capital: Lansing, Michigan, United States

Population: 10.1 Million

Symbols: Robin Redbreast, Brook Trout, Apple Blossom, White-Tailed Deer, Isle Royale Greenstone, Painted Turtle, Kalkaska Soil Series, Petoskey Stone, Eastern White Pine, Dwarf Lake Iris

Nicknames: The Great Lake State, The Wolverine State

Car Information:[edit | edit source]

•Total Amount Of Manufacturers: 4

•Total Amount Of Cars: 33

•Car Horsepower Range: 177 hp to 875 hp

•Price Range: Free to $11.95

•Cars That Come With Base Subscription: 12

•Car Types Involved: NASCAR, Prototypes, Sports Cars, Rally, Rallycross

•Fastest Car: NASCAR Sprint Cup Impala COT – 2013

•Slowest Car: NASCAR Gander Outdoors Dirt Silverado

•Car Configurations: Front-Engine RWD, Mid-Engine RWD, Front-Engine AWD 

Bio: A well-known automaker in the racing world, Pontiac is still throughout all these many years still located in Michigan. The trust that its earned over the years makes this racing company a very well known brand in the racing world. 

Track Information:[edit | edit source]

•Total Amount Of Tracks: 4

•Track Length Range: 1.5 Miles (2.42 km) to 2.36 Miles (3.798 km)

•Price Range: $4.95 to 14.95

•Tracks That Come With Base Subscription: 1

•Track Types Involved: Ovals, Street Circuits, Offroad Trucks

•Longest Track: Detroit Belle Isle

•Shortest Track: Bark River International Raceway

•Track Configurations: 1

Total Configurations: 4

Bio: A high speed speedway with great action for the entire crowd, Michigan knows how to get it done. With the Michigan International Speedway and the Detroit Belle Isle, this state is proud of its 2 mile racetrack home to the automobile industry.

Links to Cars:[edit | edit source]

Total: 33 Cars

Links to Manufacturers:[edit | edit source]

Total: 4 Manufacturers

Links to Tracks:[edit | edit source]

Missing Tracks:[edit | edit source]

  • Auto City Speedway
  • Berlin Raceway
  • Butler Motor Speedway
  • Crystal Motor Speedway
  • Dixie Motor Speedway
  • Flat Rock Speedway
  • Galesburg Speedway
  • Gingerman Raceway
  • Grattan Raceway Park
  • Hartford Speedway
  • I-96 Speedway
  • Jackson Speedway
  • Kalamazoo Speedway
  • M-40 Speedway
  • Moltville Speedway
  • Merritt Speedway
  • Mid-Michigan Raceway Park
  • Mt Pleasant Speedway
  • Onaway Motor Speedway
  • Owosso Speedway
  • Silver Bullet Speedway
  • Spartan Speedway
  • Springport Motor Speedway
  • Tri-City Motor Speedway
  • Thunderbird Speedway MI
  • Upper Peninsula International Raceway
  • Waterford Hills Raceway
  • Whittemore Speedway
  • Winston Speedway

Combined Total: 33 Tracks

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