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Michigan Club[]

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The Michigan Club of iRacing is one of the least populated iRacing USA Clubs but can still whip up some talented drivers of their own. Featuring a plethora of racing cars and some racing tracks, the Michigan Club is quite the place to be. Todays Top-notch Michigan Club drivers include Zack Nichols, Jared Crawford, Anthony LoPresto, Brian Perski, Carson Hocevar, and plenty more. With many clubs within the USA under the iRacing banner, Michigan may not be what it seems for them but the high-levels of competition and skills are still there. The talent that these Michigan Club members have under their belts definitely make up for their worth out on the track.

Club Capital: Detroit, Michigan

Club Leader: Brian Perski

Population: 10.1 Million

iRacers: 8,854

iRacing World Cup Qualifications: 1 (2010)

iRacing World Cup Championships: 0

Michigan Club Map[]