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Mid-South Club[]

The Mid-South Club of the USA iRacing Clubs are quite one of the largest clubs in iRacing. Featuring the states of Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana, this club has quite a few amounts of content under their belt to give some of their drivers practice time and even a good amount of short track action. Todays best of the best include drivers like Howard Weaver, Tyler Hudson, Corey Vincent, Derek Justis, Bob Bryant, Nickolas Shelton, Briar LaPradd, and Liam Brotherton. This club is definitely one of the largest iRacing USA Clubs and even almost as big as the Carolina Club. This makes the Mid-South Club full of both veteran and rookie drivers ready for whatever race day scenario comes their way.

Club Capital: Nashville, Tennessee

Club Leader: Tyler Hudson

Population: 26.9 Million

iRacers: 14,373

iRacing World Cup Qualifications: 1 (2009)

iRacing World Cup Championships: 0

Mid-South Club Map[]