1920px-Flag of Moldova.svg.png

Capital: Chișinău, Moldova

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Population: 4 Million

iRacers: 21

Continent: Europe

Official Languages: Romanian, Moldovan, Bulgarian, Gagauz, Russian, Ukrainian  

Area: 13,068 sq mi (33,846 km2)

Currency: Moldovan Leu

Time Zone: UTC+2 to UTC+3

Driving Side: Right

Cars: 0

Tracks: 0

Bio: Moldova with its 4 million populace and 21 iRacers has really shown that in some parts of Europe, sim-racing can thrive. While only bordering Romania and Ukraine, this small nation has definitely shown impressive progress over the years. Moldova itself is also new to sim-racing and the people there have yet to grasp its true potential.

Previous Flags:[edit | edit source]

1280px-Flag of Moldavia.svg.png
1024px-Флаг Молдавской демократической республики.svg.png
1280px-Romanian Army Flag - 1914 used model.svg.png
Flag of Moldavia 1346 - 1916 Flag of Moldavia 1917 - 1918 Flag of Moldova 1919 - 1921
1280px-Romanian Army Flag - 1940 used model.svg.png
Flag of Moldova 1922 - 1937

Previous Moldovan ASSR (Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic) and SFSR (Soviet Federalist Socialist Republic) Flags:[edit | edit source]

Note: The flags will be here for historical purposes only.

1920px-Flag of the Moldavian ASSR.svg.png
1920px-Flag of the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic (1952–1990).svg.png
Flag of Moldova ASSR 1938 - 1951 Flag of Moldova SFSR 1952 - 1990
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