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•Capital: Carson City, Nevada, United States

Population: 3.2 Million

Symbols: Desert Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Bluebird, Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, Sagebrush, Indian Ricegrass, Vivid Dancer Damselfly, Silver, Desert Tortoise, Sandstone, Nevada Turquoise, Single-Leaf Piñon, Bristlecone Pine

Nicknames: The Sagebrush State, The Battle Born State, The Silver State

•Total Amount Of Tracks: 3

•Track Length Range: 0.25 Miles (0.40 km) to 2.20 Miles (3.54 km)

•Price Range: $11.95 to $14.95

•Tracks That Come With Base Subscription: 0

•Track Types Involved: Ovals, Rovals, Offroad Trucks

•Longest Track: Las Vegas Motor Speedway

•Shortest Track: The Bullring

•Track Configurations: 1 – 6

Total Configurations: 8

Bio: Home to the tight Bullring, the jumpy Wild West and the intense, high-speed Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Nevada’s racetracks and its tourism industry are still around today. Not as many tracks as some other states, the quality of the racing experience is the true statistic.  

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Missing Tracks:[edit | edit source]

  • Battle Mountain Raceway
  • Lovelock Speedway
  • Pahrump Valley Speedway
  • Rattlesnake Raceway
  • Reno-Fernley Raceway
  • Summit Raceway
  • The Dirt Track at Las Vegas
  • Tonopah Speedway
  • Winnemucca Regional Raceway

Combined Total: 12 Tracks

Previous Flags:[edit | edit source]

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Flag of Nevada 1905 - 1915 Flag of Nevada 1916 - 1929 Flag of Nevada 1930 - 1991
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