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•Capital: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Population: 8.2 Million

Symbols: Waratah, Platypus, Kookaburra, Blue groper, Black Opal

Nicknames: The First State, The Premier State

•Total Amount Of Tracks: 2

•Track Length Range: 0.66 Miles (1.06 km) to 3.86 Miles (6.213 km)

•Price Range: Free to $14.95

•Tracks That Come With Base Subscription: 1

•Track Types Involved: Road Courses

•Longest Track: Mount Panorama Circuit

•Shortest Track: Oran Park Raceway

•Track Configurations: 1 – 6

Total Configurations: 7

Bio: With the challenging Mount Panorama Circuit and the Oran Park Raceway, New South Wales has plenty to offer. One of the biggest states in Australia, it features lush, green grass all the way to the hostile Australian Outback.  

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Missing Tracks:[edit | edit source]

  • Broken Hill Speedway
  • Cullen Bullen Speedway
  • Dubbo Speedway
  • Gilgandra Speedway
  • Goulbourn Speedway
  • Grafton Speedway
  • Gunnedah Speedway
  • Heartland Speedway
  • Lismore Speedway
  • Moruya Speedway
  • Nepean Raceway
  • Newcastle Street Circuit
  • Nowra Speedway
  • Parramatta City Raceway
  • Sapphire Speedway
  • Sydney Motorsport Park
  • Valvoline Speedway

Combined Total: 19 Tracks

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