This is the global map for North America. Note: Greenland is smaller than normal due to the proportions of the images.

Population: 594.7 Million

iRacers: 223,792

Percentage: 8% of All Population and 55.8% of All iRacers

Red locations have iRacers, Gray (Grey) locations have no iRacers.

Total Countries: 23 / 23 (100%)

Total Non-Countries: 18 / 18 (100%)

Combined Total: 41 / 41 (100%)


Caribbean: 43.6 Million People and 396 iRacers (7.3% of North America's Population and 0.17% of North America's iRacers)

Central America: 180.9 Million People and 1,656 iRacers (30.4% of North America's Population and 0.73% of North America's iRacers)

Northern America: 370.2 Million People and 221,741 iRacers (62.3% of North America's Population and 99.1% of North America's iRacers)

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Total: 41 Locations

North America Locations without iRacers:

Total: 0 Locations

Combined Total: 41 Locations

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