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•Capital: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Population: 10.7 Million

Symbols: Strawberry and Blueberry, Milk, Northern Cardinal, Venus Flytrap, Fraser Fir, Dogwood, Southern Appalachian Brook Trout, Pine Barrens Treefrog, Scuppernong Grape, Colonial Spanish Mustang, Honeybee, Gray Squirrel, Virginia Opossum, Gold, Emerald, Eastern Box Turtle, Marbled Salamander, Channel Bass, Pine Tree, Sweet Potato, Carolina Lily

Nicknames: The Tar Heel State, The Old North State

Car Information:[edit | edit source]

•Total Amount Of Manufacturers: 6

•Total Amount Of Cars: 19

•Car Horsepower Range: 122 hp to 892 hp

•Price Range: Free to $11.95

•Cars That Come With Base Subscription: 7

•Car Types Involved: NASCAR, Dirt Ovals, Prototypes

•Fastest Car: NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Fusion

•Slowest Car: Dirt Legends Ford ‘34 Coupe

•Car Configurations: Front-Engine RWD, Mid-Engine RWD, Front-Engine AWD 

Bio: Being the major hub of all American racing cars today, North Carolina reigns supreme. With nearly 10 manufacturers and over 20 racecars, this state has shown to the others that “Might Is Right” after all. 

Track Information:[edit | edit source]

•Total Amount Of Tracks: 9

•Track Length Range: 0.25 Miles (0.40 km) to 2.42 Miles (3.89 km)

•Price Range: Free to $14.95

•Tracks That Come With Base Subscription: 4

•Track Types Involved: Ovals, Rovals, Dirt Ovals, Rallycross

•Longest Track: Charlotte Motor Speedway

•Shortest Track: Hickory Motor Speedway

•Track Configurations: 1 – 7

Total Configurations: 22

Bio: Home to the majority of NASCAR’s teams, North Carolina is a mecca for oval racing as we know it today. Featuring its famous Charlotte Motor Speedway, North Carolina to this date aims to keep on pleasing people.  

Links to Cars:[edit | edit source]

Total: 19 Cars

Links to Manufacturers:[edit | edit source]

Total: 6 Manufacturers

Links to Tracks:[edit | edit source]

Missing Tracks:[edit | edit source]

  • Ace Speedway
  • Antioch Speedway
  • Bowman Gray Stadium
  • Carolina Speedway
  • Caraway Speedway
  • Coleridge Speedway
  • County Line Raceway
  • Dixieland Speedway
  • East Carolina Motor Speedway
  • East Lincoln Speedway
  • Fayetteville Motor Speedway
  • Friendship Motor Speedway
  • Halifax County Motor Speedway
  • Harris Speedway
  • Millbridge Speedway
  • Mountain Creek Speedway
  • Mountain View Speedway
  • Orange County Speedway
  • Rockfish Motorsports Speedway
  • Tri-County Motor Speedway
  • Wake County Speedway
  • Woodleaf Raceway Park

Combined Total: 31 Tracks

Previous Flags:[edit | edit source]

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Flag of North Carolina 1861 - 1884 Flag of North Carolina 1885 - 1991
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