•Location: Peachtree Corners, Georgia, United States

Founded: 1989

•Total Amount Of Cars: 3

•Horsepower Range: 700 hp to 900 hp

•Price Range: 11.95 USD

•Cars That Come With Base Subscription: 1

•Car Types Involved: Offroad Trucks

•Top Speed Of Cars: 113 mph (182 kmh) to 134 mph (216 kmh)

•Car Configurations: Front-Engine RWD, Front-Engine AWD

President: Bill Smith

More About The Manufacturer:[]

PRO has been around the trophy truck scene ever since the CORR days of off-roading. Their 2 and 4 Trucks have become quite renowned across the Americas and have seen action mainly in the United States while visiting Mexico now and then. The massive power that these trucks have is due to the heavyweight of the vehicle and the shock absorbers they have. Over the years, PRO has been known for making sturdy and reliable off-road racing trucks and it definitely shows here. Since Lucas Oil is now the king of Off-Road Racing Series, PRO has done their best to follow suit and follow suit they have.

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Missing Cars:[]

  • PRO 2 M
  • PRO Buggy
  • PRO Production 1000 UTV
  • PRO Production Turbo UTV