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Capital: San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Population: 2.8 Million

iRacers: 75

Continent: North America

Official Languages: Spanish, English, French  

Area: 3,515 sq mi (9,104 km2)

Currency: United States Dollar

Time Zone: UTC-4

Driving Side: Right

Cars: 0

Tracks: 0

Bio: The American territory with the highest population and iRacers, Puerto Rico just near the Dominican Republic and the British Virgin Islands still resides. With about 3 million people and 75 iRacers, Puerto Rico is quite interested into sim-racing as the island territory looks to become more involved into motorsport in the near future.

Previous Flags:[edit | edit source]

1280px-Flag of Puerto Rico (1895-1952).svg.png
Flag of Puerto Rico 1895 - 1952
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