Location: Rockingham, North Carolina, United States

Length: 0.35 to 1.60 Miles (0.563 to 2.57 km)

Turns: 4 – 10

Configurations: 4


Pit Road Speed: 40 mph (64 kmh)

Price: $14.95 USD

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Type: Roval

Owner: BK Rock Holdings

Opened: October 31st, 1965

Status: Open


Nicknames: The Rock, Thunder Alley

Banking: 22 Degrees in Turns 1 and 2

25 Degrees in Turns 3 and 4

8 Degrees on Straightaways

Former Names:

North Carolina Motor Speedway (1965 – 1996)

North Carolina Speedway (1997 – 2007) 


Bio: Under beautiful Carolina blue skies, welcome to the Rockingham Speedway, also known as “The Rock.” This one mile oval has been thrilling fans for over 30 years with 22 degrees of banking and a “tough on tires” surface, you get fierce competition that gives “The Rock” its name.