1920px-Flag of Sark.svg.png

Capital: La Râde, Sark

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Population: 492

iRacers: 1

Continent: Europe

Official Languages: English, Sercquiais

Area: 2.10 sq mi (5.45 km2)

Currency: Guernsey pound, Pound sterling

Time Zone: UTC+0 to UTC+1

Driving Side: Left

Cars: 0

Tracks: 0

Bio: Of just under 500 people and only 1 iRacer, Sark is quite a lovely place to visit. Even though cars are not allowed on this island under any means, that doesn't mean they can enjoy the thrill of owning one on the computer in a simulator. Being quite a remote island between the UK and France, Sark is still a wonderful tourist spot to visit.