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Capital: Bratislava, Slovakia

Native Name: Slovensko

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Population: 5.4 Million

iRacers: 216

Continent: Europe

Official Languages: Slovak  

Former Names: Czechoslovakia (1918 - 1992)  

Area: 18,933 sq mi (49,035 km2)

Currency: Euro

Time Zone: UTC+1 to UTC+2

Driving Side: Right

Cars: 0

Tracks: 0

Bio: With over 5 million people and 216 iRacers, Slovakia is showing signs of many promises and opportunities for sim-racing within the country. While its not a very mountainous nation, this country is full of lots of scenery and more. No tracks from this country in iRacing yet but that may change in the future.

iRacing Slovakia Regions[edit | edit source]

Slovakia iRacing Regions.png

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