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Capitals: Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, Sri Lanka and Colombo, Sri Lanka

Nicknames: The Pearl of the Indian Ocean, The Teardrop of India, The Isle of Dharma, Ceylon

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Population: 21.4 Million

iRacers: 16

Continent: Asia

Official Languages: Sinhala, Tamil, English  

Former Names: Ceylon (1949 - 1972)  

Area: 25,330 sq mi (65,610 km2)

Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee 

Time Zone: UTC+5:30

Driving Side: Left

Cars: 0

Tracks: 0

Bio: Sri Lanka may not be a prestigious sim-racing nation on Earth but its 21 million people and 16 iRacers think otherwise. While it's not growing exponentially over the past few years, this country seems to understand what sim-racing can do to this nation. For good or worse, Sri Lanka might have a certain future in sim-racing.

Missing Manufacturers:[edit | edit source]

  1. Micro

Flags Before Independence:[edit | edit source]

1920px-Flag of Ceylon (1875–1948).svg.png
Flag of British Ceylon 1815 - 1948

Previous Flags:[edit | edit source]

1920px-Flag of Ceylon (1948–1951).svg.png
1920px-Flag of Ceylon (1951–1972).svg.png
Flag of Ceylon 1949 - 1951 Flag of Ceylon 1952 - 1972
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