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•Capital: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Population: 6.7 Million

Symbols: Common Heath, Leadbeater's Possum, Helmeted honeyeater, Weedy seadragon, Gold

Nicknames: The Garden State, The Education State, On The Move, The Place To Be

Track Information:[edit | edit source]

•Total Amount Of Tracks: 1

•Track Length Range: 2.762 Miles (4.445 km)

•Price Range: $14.95

•Tracks That Come With Base Subscription: 0

•Track Types Involved: Road Courses

•Longest Track: Phillip Island Circuit

•Shortest Track: Phillip Island Circuit

•Track Configurations: 1

Total Configurations: 1 

Bio: The smallest of the Australian states, Victoria is still a pleasant place to visit. With its racetrack, the Phillip Island Circuit, this state lies in a very crucial and important part of the racing world hosting a plethora of V8 Supercar races.   

Car Information:[edit | edit source]

•Total Amount Of Manufacturers: 2

•Total Amount Of Cars: 5

•Car Horsepower Range: 635 hp to 644 hp

•Price Range: Free to $11.95

•Cars That Come With Base Subscription: 3

•Car Types Involved: Sports Cars  

•Fastest Car: Ford Falcon FG V8

•Slowest Car: Holden Commodore ZB V8

•Car Configurations: Front-Engine RWD 

Bio: Backed up by Ford AU and Holden, Victoria is still the only Australian state to feature manufacturers. While there may be others, Victoria itself reigns number 1 in cars and manufacturers for the Land Down Under.  

Links to Cars:[edit | edit source]

Total: 5 Tracks

Links to Manufacturers:[edit | edit source]

Total: 2 Manufacturers

Links to Tracks:[edit | edit source]

Missing Tracks:[edit | edit source]

  • Alexandra Speedway
  • Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit
  • Avalon Raceway
  • Bairnsdale Speedway
  • Blue Ribbon Speedway
  • Calder Park Raceway
  • Daylesford Speedway
  • Laang Speedway
  • Mid-Western Speedway
  • Nagambie Speedway
  • Premier Speedway
  • Redline Speedway
  • Rolling Thunder Raceway
  • Rosedale Speedway
  • Sandown International Raceway
  • Simpson Speedway
  • Swan Hill Speedway
  • Timmis Speedway
  • Wangaratta City Speedway
  • Winton Motor Raceway

Combined Total: 21 Tracks

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